Facts and Figures

Since the Classic Investment Offer was launched in December 2010, we have successfully managed millions of dollars for our investors.

On top of that, Zero losses and Zero fees. All of our Investors have received the rates offered, and had their capital repaid in full at maturity.

Classic’s continued sales growth ensures an ongoing demand for our investment offers.

We have offers in Australian and New Zealand dollars.

In short, the Classic Investment offer is one of those rare investments that actually help everyone move closer towards achieving their dream. You, the investor, get a good return on your investment. They, the borrower, get a lifetime of affordable holidays.

We’re confident you’ll agree this is a sound investment.



Sustained Sales Growth

Currently, two types of membership are marketed: Traditional Points based systems and Classic Escapes, a pay as you go membership class where members buy into a  club which entitles them to pay for their holidays as they book them at highly discounted rates. The launch of the Escapes product has fulfilled a significant market niche and approximately 60% of these new memberships are financed by loans from Freedom Finance (a Classic Group company). New memberships continue to grow every year, ensuring a constant need for finance.